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My reunion with the cold, haughty millionaire brought forth passionate feelings…

Abby fell in love with Nick, a millionaire, and they got married, but her happiness didn’t last long. She faced a cold bed, rumors about his relationship with an actress and his secret connection with his secretary...but she still loved him. When Abby joyfully told him she was pregnant, he unexpectedly pushed her away and said he didn't want it or her. He divorced her and didn’t even acknowledge the child. It has been four years since that dark, sad time in Abby’s life. Now Nick has appeared and is asking for a reconciliation. What does he want? Abby wants to refuse, but she feels like she’s been captured by his gaze...

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3.5 better than the original 4  4

So, before I rented this book, I thought look at the reviews of the original. To say simply, there was a lot of negativity towards the story on a number of things. However, sometimes I read a story in order to know just how bad it is. Truth be told, it wasn't that bad. I mean there were some bad parts what with the lies and coercing but not entirely. So, the hero and heroine married and had a blissful marriage till the hero starting strutting around other ladies, gave vague answers to the heroine, and suddenly divorces her. It gets even better because during their divorce, she finds out she's pregnant and hopes that this will help mend their marriage. Instead, the hero denies the baby in a written statement and ultimately breaks the heroine's heart into a thousand pieces. She seeks comfort and shelter from her aunt and uncle who welcome her with open arms. She opens up an art gallery in their tiny town that helps in bringing the main income supply of tourists for the next four years. After that, the heroine gets the sick surprise of the hero showing his face with his secretary (one of the woman who was accused for having an affair with the hero). Dinner goes well with some sarcasm exchanged and the heroine thinks it's the end of it. However, the hero comes by later with the statement that he's here to see his son. That really throws the heroine off the kilter and I would have been the same. The hero admits to treating the heroine horribly and regrets it but he had his reasons. Apparently, he discovered during their marriage that he was infertile. Afraid of the heroine finding out and believing he would ruin her dream of having kids, he pushed her away by setting up all these situations and lies to make her think he was cheating in order to kill her love for him. Not to mention, he suspected her of cheating when she told him she was pregnant. For me, the man may have had a reason but in retrospect, he was just being selfish coward. The hero wants to marry the heroine again but she says no. So, like an idiot, he coerces her into coming back with him or he pulls out of his investments that will kill the life of the town. The heroine can barely think the next morning because he's already situated himself in the house with aunt and son. I was frankly surprised the aunt let him in after what happened. I would have been there with my rolling pin ready to bash, I would believe the hero's words of them getting remarried unless I heard it from the heroine's lips. The heroine gives into pressure of going back to the hero but his secretary personally calls the heroine to tell her about some lie about his father's will. The heroine believes her and tells the hero who's too hurt by the heroine's lack of belief. I understand but it's like he's forgotten everything he's done to the heroine is lying, betraying, and then coercing her to do his bidding. He hasn't exactly started off with a bang in making things up to her. Frankly, I'm pretty shocked that the most we got as a punishment from the secretary was her fired off scene, instead of getting a yell from the hero for trying to screw up his attempts of making up with his ex-wife. I also don't understand why the hero never brought the secretary to see the heroine and have secretary state in her own words that everything is a lie. Now, in the reviews, a lot of them stated the heroine was harassed from family because she kept the hero from his son and he never told them the truth. That doesn't happen, instead the heroine is welcomed with open arms by everyone. I did like we get to see some of the hero's thoughts. Later, the heroine learns from the horse's mouth (the doctor) that the hero's test rendering infertile was an actual thing. She confronts the hero about it and he reveals everything. The hero apologizes and they "reconnect" all night. The next morning, the heroine is in bliss till she sees the hero and his secretary hug and more. She assumes the worst and takes the little boy back home. He finds the heroine before they board the plane and explains the secretary lied and she's regretful about it. The heroine apologizes for not believing in the hero. He asks her to always to talk him about any small matter that she has. They confess their love again and the story ends with them getting married again.

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