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A Suitable Husband

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A Suitable Husband

Since they were children, Jermaine's sister, Edwina, has stolen every male friend and lover from her. As a result, Jermaine's developed a severe complex around the faithfulness of men, or lack thereof. Edwina's newest target is Lukas Tavorian. An extraordinary twist of fate leaves Jermaine reeling. With Edwina still playing out her farce and residing in Lukas's home, Jermaine is wary of Lukas's advances. Can Lukas be the one man who sees through Edwina's ruse? Or is he just another who falls prey to Edwina's charms?

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Great Fun 4  4

Jermaine calls out to me for all the unfairness she has to go through. She has to deal with a father doting on her sister and putting her down, mother just seeming to speak at rare moments but let's her suffer mostly, a sister who is selfish as can be and can't do a thing for herself but steal Jermaine's boyfriends and then move on. The story starts in the usual way, her bf cheats on her again and she only find out about it cause the sister is 'injured'. So the bf and hero decide the heroine is the person who needs to come nurse her sister. Jermaine tried standing strong and not running to her sister's side cause she knows it is false, but hero determined to get her to take up her responsibility spills the beans to the parents. An upset lecture from the dad and Jermaine moves into this house with there hero, get ex bf and her 'injured' sister. The bf realises his folly, tries to get back with Jermaine, but she's not for it. Meanwhile, the hero, not sure about what is going on, starts falling for Jermaine. Hijinks and misunderstandings later the hero, Luca claims Jermaine, pointing out he realised her sister's fake injury from the beginning, and was trying to figure out how he could get her attention. Jermaine a little dumbfounded that there is a man who can resist her sister's charms is thrilled. This was a great story, charming, fun, but would have loved to see the sister and the father eat humble pie. That would have made this an even better story.

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