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These past two years have been exceptionally hard on Annabel. Try as she might, she’s been unable to overcome the heartbreak of her first love. Ready to start anew in some place far away from all the leftover traces of her ex, Annabel jumps at the opportunity to become a governess in Barbados. Unfortunately, fate has a cruel sense of humor. Her new employer is none other than Hugh Grey…the man who broke her heart.

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The woman has a right to leave 4  4

It's never fun for any woman that the one man in her life has a another woman and it's a wife. I didn't know what to believe if the hero was actually married because of the gossip magazine can be so twisted but the heroine believed them enough to run away from the hero and start a new life in the caribbean as a governess. That is definitely a good place to start. The heroine becomes a governess to the niece of the Lord, who recently lost her parents. That is some good years. I liked the side characters of the book like the housekeeper, the niece, the mother of the friend of the heroine, and etc. Well, except the OW. I found it interesting that the heroine considers herself old at the age of twenty-four. Please, that is not old.The Lord is the hero and both are surprised to see the other after two years of separation. The hero states that the heroine won't reproach the memories that he hold seat and the heroine thinks that the hero is talking about his wife. How, is that possible when he was having an affair with you? The heroine tries to leave but then hero doesn't allow her. Also, the wife of then hero is dead. I'm glad that the heroine had friends to support during her dark two years and at that time, I would have agreed to be with the friends on what the heroine should do: move on. The heroine meets the niece and she is such a bright little thing and is well intuitive to know the characteristics of a gold digger, mainly the OW. The hero orders the heroine to attend a dinner party as her boss. There, the heroine meets the OW and boy! She is practically dangling onto the hero's arm. The OW is a real piece of work, she is so rude to the heroine, probably she realizes how pretty the heroine is and that her fish might swim harder away from her. I was intrigued by the heroine's backbone. She actually talks back to the OW, while giving the hero some bad reviews in front of the guests. That takes guts. Later, the hero and the heroine talk, well more like argue. We learn that the hero states the heroine betrayed him by leaving him and taking all his love. Interesting words, but the heroine fights back with using word 'affair". When the heroine and niece are finishing up the lesson and decide to go outside the OW comes and spouts rudeness. The niece takes things into her own hands and insults the OW in her special way. The heroine goes out on a date with a friend who wants to be more but I love how she handles the situation, using the niece. The hero shows up with the OW and the hero grabs the heroine to dance. I was a bit surprised that the OW didnt' try to butt in. Then after a little bit of intimate dancing, the hero states that he's not against the idea of remarrying, but the heroine thinks that he getting married to the ow and runs away from the hero. I forgot to mention that she slaps him too. them. The heroine learns from the friend's mother that the hero's wife was a opium addict and she's also invited to a ball that the mother is hosting. The hero gives t he heroine a beautiful dress, which the heroine actually accepts. They later get a call from the OW that she is going with someone else and they go together to the party. When the hero and heroine start to share an intimate moment, the OW comes in all a huff, saying that she got a call from the hero that he was going to be 30 minutes late. The hero gets slapped by the OW and she leaves. The hero and heroine are able to deduce who it was sending the impostor phone calls and they go home to where they actually have a real heart opening conversation about each other. Well, first they have sex then the real heart opening conversation. We learn that the hero learned of his wife's addiction on the first day of their honeymoon when he caught her shooting up her arm. The her then instead of being a husband, became a guardian. The ending was a cute one and I loved the side characters. I liked how the niece had a part in it as well. It was a good story to read.

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