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Priss is turning thirty, and she’s going to have a baby, come hell or high water…or house fire. When she’s forced out of her home, Priss must rely on the kindness of strangers, including the nice cowboy she just met, Jake. She’s never gotten as dirty as she has while living at his ranch, but she might just be the one to wrangle Jake, and he might be the one to make her dreams come true.

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Learning new things 5  5

I really liked this story because it was unexpected. We have a thirty-year old heiress who has a great body and for her birthday, she wants a baby. The hero who has been smitten by her is shocked and I found it funny that he didn't want her to go to the sperm bank but have him help her. I love his reaction when he realizes that she went into a baby goods store and that he's in one now. I admit that having a baby just because you're lonely isn't much of a good reason but I have no idea what it's like to be in the place of the heroine. I do like the hero and heroine first introduction: the heroine clashes into the hero. The way that the hero and heroine come together is because of a fire at the heroine's mansion that leaves inhabitable for the moment. The hero kind enough to allow her to stay at his place till things cool down. I like seeing both sides of the hero and heroine. I also love the stablehand, he's funny and he turns out to be a great character in the book. We also learn something about the heroine: she has no sense of housework. She leaves wet clothes out in the rain after they have been in the washer. I did like that she doesn't rest but tries to cook a meal for the hero as a way of thanks, though, her culinary skills needs a lot of work. Just because the meat looks cooked from the outside, doesn't mean it's the same within. I did find it funny of how she thinks outside the box in order to get things done. I also like how they learn more about each other. I love how the heroine is willing to learn new things and get into the grit of it all, especially when the old stablehand is her housekeeper teacher. It was hilarious. There was one thing that set me off was when the hero got upset that the heroine was a virgin till he did it with her. I don't get why men are so upset about that all the time. They should feel aroused that this woman after waiting for 12 years, she finally decided to give her first time to him. The hero thinks that the whole "losing virginity" is a plot for the heroine to tie him in marriage. The heroine reacts negatively and leaves the hero. They spend a good three months from each other. I like that they spent some time away from each other. The heroine finds out that she's pregnant and before she can tell anybody, the hero whisks her to his house, renovated house as a sign that he wants to start a new life with her. I love the hero's reaction at the pregnancy. The ending was especially good, it's a book worth reading.

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