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The Best Man and the Bridesmaid UPDATE : March 15th, 2019

Can the bridesmaid and best man make it through this wedding without falling in love?Daisy has been in love with her childhood friend Robert for years, but she isn’t particularly confident, and Robert is a notorious playboy. She decided long ago t... See More

editor's comment

Nothing could be more wonderful than to find that the one you have loved for long time also loves you.

For the Babies' Sakes UPDATE : March 8th, 2019

Helen loved her husband, Dan, from the bottom of her heart. The teenage sweethearts tied the knot two years ago, and their life together was wonderful. Until the day Helen came home from work early with a nasty cold…and found her half-naked husban... See More

editor's comment

This is heart-warming story about trust and keeping a family together. Although the heroine and the hero became distant because of a misunderstanding,The love and bond between them was strong enough that they managed to overcome the obstacle.


Wallflower Emily knows she’ll never be anything special to this dreamy surgeon.Nurse Emily knew that popular surgeon Professor Romeijn had called her a fat, red radish. And she was disappointed that the man would think of her so uncharitably. But ... See More

editor's comment

I'm glad to see that the hero, rather than appearance, was attracted to the heroine becasuse of her beautiful heart. Every girl shines in the eye of the man who truly loves her.

HER SISTER'S BABY UPDATE : February 22nd, 2019

After three years, Cass’s ex has come to her with heartbreaking news.It’s been three years since they broke up, but now Dray, Cass’s ex, has appeared before her once more. The way he broke up with her was downright cruel, so what could he possibly... See More

editor's comment

Why did the hero and heroine break up 3 years ago ? Could the hero be the father of the heroine's sister's baby? It seemed like a story about lie and betrayal at first but turned out to have a warm and lovely ending.


Tomorrow my body will become an object for sale. Tonight is my only night of freedom with the one I love...One day, when maid Bella took breakfast up to the deluxe suite of the luxury hotel where she works, she was frozen by what she saw. It was M... See More

editor's comment

I really like the hero and heroine since although they used to live in misery, they always stayed kind and strong.It was really touching when the heroine decided to live proudly and pursue her happiness with the hero after what happened to her.


She must protect herself from her own treacherous heart! Mary works for a woman of great wealth who has asked Mary to send for her grandson, Bonner, whom she hasn’t seen for several years. So Mary sent letter after letter to Bonner, asking him to ... See More

editor's comment

Hero is a wealthy playboy but he looks so gentle. Despite the bad attitude heroine was giving him, he finds her attractive and so is she.

THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING UPDATE : February 1st, 2019

How did Isobel end up babysitting the boss?Secretary Isobel rushes to the hospital when she hears that her boss, Tariq, was in an accident. His doctor tells her Tariq needs a week of rest, but he’s a workaholic who can’t stand still for even a sec... See More

editor's comment

Hero is such a arrogant and so full of himself but heroine still loves him well.

THE HEIRESS BRIDE (Colored Version) UPDATE : January 25th, 2019

I found a husband for you. Get married within two weeks! Ione was astonished by this demand from her Greek tycoon stepfather. Without considering her feelings, he wants to pass on his business to Alexio, a successful businessman from a prestigious... See More

editor's comment

Heroine was kept in her house with a bad tempered father growing up which might be one of the reason why she kept lying to hero so as to protect herself. I like the comical touch here and there too .

Mistress Bought and Paid For UPDATE : January 18th, 2019

Supermodel Lydia took part in a fashion show organized for a charity for disadvantaged children. But the money from the show disappeared, and it was Lydia's mother who stole the money! Lydia cannot accept that this is what happened, even after bei... See More

editor's comment

Hero is too proud to see and understand the nature of heroine but the unexpected pureness of heroine is probably what attracted him more.

Falling for Prince Federico UPDATE : January 11th, 2019

Pia was invited to the palace three years ago. It was to attend the wedding banquet of her close friend Jennifer and the crown prince San Rimini. Everyone dressed up, and everything including the building she saw there was like a dazzling dream. P... See More

editor's comment

The prince and little princes are all well-mannered, heroin's short hair and slightly tomboy nature does make her more attractive.


As a career woman, Maddy's life is full of busy days and there are no decent guys in sight. There is no way she is getting married to any of the guys she knows, but she still wants to have a child of her own. So Maddy decides to be artificially ... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is attracted to hero yet she tried to hold back because all her previous relationship did not work out well. Hero was such an arrogant man at first, i like how heroine turned him into a better person.


Declan Knight, a popular socialite, has shown up unexpectedly at Gwen’s engagement party. His obsidian eyes burn with intensity, thinking back to when they last held each other eight years ago. Gwen comforted him after his lover’s death, but in th... See More

editor's comment

Nice twists in the story to keep you reading. Renata was a good friend, and if it wasn't for the forced circumstances they would not have married even though that is what they both wanted badly. An unexpected news that would end their fake marriage...Do read till the end to find out how they respond to it,


He’ll forgive her debt…if she gives him a baby! Shocking news greeted Piper when she arrived home for the first time in eight years. The bearer of the news was Wade, the man she’d once loved. Her father, who’d fallen ill and died, owed Wade a huge... See More

editor's comment

Hero wanted heroine badly but he just assume and did not find time to have a good talk with heroine. Heroine suffered all the misfortune herself and to make matter worse, hero was not by her side. The pregnacy contract gives them more time to be together and clear up the misunderstanding.


Leo Spencer is the CEO of a major London company, but that’s not the story he tells the Irish pub owner he meets. Brianna believes Leo is a writer investigating the emerald hills of Ireland for his next novel. The truth is somewhere in the middle:... See More

editor's comment

Hero lied about himself as he was just a passer-by in that tiny village heroine lives in. Heroine, a beautiful lady but could not have her own life due to her father's debt.They are from two very different world so they parted, never did they expect that fate is going to bring them back together.

UNWILLING WIFE UPDATE : December 7th, 2018

While acting as if I was my sister, his kiss was necessaryErica was appalled by her twin sister’s request. Even though they look identical, pretending to be her sister for a summer is too much to ask! But there is a reason Emily, busy with her dis... See More

editor's comment

It is really a difficult position for heroine as she supposed to be her sister but she is obviously attacted to hero the first time she saw him. A non-arrogant hero type who has a nice gentle smile.

TWILIGHT VOWS UPDATE : November 30th, 2018

They will face each other again with secrets in their hearts…After graduating from college, Rachel is returning to her hometown. She’d lost her parents when she was young, and when she was still a child, her aunt and uncle decided to murder her fo... See More

editor's comment

Nice drawing , shading and choice of colors. Whenever hero gets close heroine, her heart thuds as she is both scared and attracted to the sexy vampire.

IN HIS WILDEST DREAMS UPDATE : November 23rd, 2018

Can she keep a level head while studying his sensual dreams?Emma, a graduate student majoring in psychology, chose to experiment on Nick. Apparently he remembers the contents of his dreams vividly, and she figures he must have a lot of free time t... See More

editor's comment

Nice story and heroine bodyline is nicely drawn. I like how everyone in this comic is nice and with empathy.

THE BRIDE HUNTER UPDATE : November 15th, 2018

It all seemed so perfect…until she learned her husband wasn’t who he claimed to be!Fleeing her stalker ex-boyfriend, Anna boarded a plane for Las Vegas and hit it off with the talkative and extremely handsome cowboy in the seat next to her. They e... See More

editor's comment

An impulse married in Las Vegas and gave birth to a baby. I am glad hero did not let her go so easily and is really a bride hunter.

THE LUCCHESI BRIDE UPDATE : November 9th, 2018

When she was lost, he found her…heart and soul.Catherine visited Naples for the first time to meet her biological father, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. However, when she ended up stuck in Naples all alone, Alessandro offered to show he... See More

editor's comment

Heroine went to a foreign land to meet her biological father and new people including hero. It is like a new adventure for her.


When Liz, the CEO of a housekeeping company, visits her client, also a CEO, she finds out that he is none other than Cain, her ex-husband. After the divorce three years ago, Cain established himself as a successful businessman. With his black eyes... See More

editor's comment

Heroine in her happy maid uniform is cute and interactions between hero and heroine are adorable. The reunion gave them a second chance to communicate and get to know each other again.



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