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Clio spent her university days surrounded by an elite group of four young, brilliant boys. However, since graduating she’s been faced with setback after setback in the real world. When success eludes her, she decides it would be better to at least... See More

editor's comment

Nice art and nice story about friendship turning into love .

MISS IN A MAN'S WORLD UPDATE : July 12th, 2019

His sweet gaze penetrated my boyish exterior as if he were searching for the truth...In order to uncover the truth behind the death of her uncle, Lady Georgiana dresses up as a boy and heads to London. While chasing after one of the suspects, Visc... See More

editor's comment

This is a funny and lovely story in which the characters are adorable and the romance between the hero and heroine is very beautiful and pure .


Despite his mercurial temperament, Richard holds Isabella in his thrall.Richard! Isabella is shocked to see a familiar face on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Her memory of the passion they shared is the single bright spot in the hellish time she spent i... See More

editor's comment

A great story not only about romance, but also involves death and revenge, which makes it interesting to read.

THE BONNY BRIDE UPDATE : June 21st, 2019

Dying after a life of suffering, Jenny’s mother’s last words to her were to never marry a poor man. Jenny, a maid in Scotland, grew up with this lessonWhen she hears that a man who found success in the New World is looking for a bride, she boards ... See More

editor's comment

The hero, unlike other typical harlequin heros who are always handsome, rich and sometimes arrogant, doesn't have any money and seems complicated. However, you will find him very attractive for he is always gentle and understanding.No wonder why the heroine fell in love with him.


Mary has been working as a seamstress ever since she came to London six years ago. The dresses that she embroiders have become very popular in socialite circles, but she doesn’t receive any compensation for her work because her employer rescued he... See More

editor's comment

I couldn't stop reading this story for the plot is complex and adventurous, and the passion bewteen the hero and the heroine is sweet.

IN TOO DEEP UPDATE : June 7th, 2019

Charlie’s always taken care of herself, but now she and Harry must learn to count on each other. Charlie trusts no one and counts on no one. She’s busy running her bar to support herself and her sister. Abandoned by her father, she always had to ... See More

editor's comment

The story is not only romantic but also adventurous and dramatic. I like the sparkle between the hero and the heroine.

Christakis's Rebellious Wife UPDATE : May 31st, 2019

A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!They could never turn back time… There was nothing between them anymore!Betsy and her Greek multimillionaire husband are in the middle of divorce proceedings! Betsy wanted to have a baby with... See More

editor's comment

No one is perfect. That's why we need someone by our side to make up for what we lack. This is what I learned from the story about relationship and marriage.

The Italian's Token Wife UPDATE : May 24th, 2019

I'll pay you 10,000 pounds to marry me right now. A wealthy and gorgeous man suddenly proposes to Magda, who makes a meager living cleaning an extravagant luxury apartment. He is Rafaello Di Viscenti, the owner of the apartment. Why would a major ... See More

editor's comment

It seems like a typical harlequin story about contract marriage with a billionaire but to me it is about leading a decent life no matter how hard the life is. The heroine is an unusual woman who touched my heart with with her strength and kindness.

A GEM OF A GIRL UPDATE : May 17th, 2019

Will Gemma find love when she least expects it?Nurse Gemma was left in charge of her younger siblings after their parents died in an accident. And though she doesn’t think she’s particularly beautiful, she is smitten by a handsome Dutch professor ... See More

editor's comment

This is not a typical harlequin story but it is one of the most romantic from my point of view.The heroine is a plain and fat girl who devotes herself to her family and work and never dreamed of being loved by someone,I'm so glad that she found the hero who treasures her beautiful and generous heart and sincerely loves her.


Sarah knows life isn’t like the songs she sings, but she can still dream of love.Every night Sarah sings at a nightclub under the stage name Sabine. But Sarah dreams of being an opera singer. Though she isn’t enamored with the scandalous outfits s... See More

editor's comment

I admire the heroine since she is persistent in pursuing dream and dares to love and hate.Thanks to the detailed depictions of the hero and the heroine's struggle and uncertainty about each other, the chemistry and conflict between them are very convincing and my heart beats faster everytime they get together.


She’s ready to divorce him, but the price of her freedom proves to be higher than she ever imagined.Joanna doesn’t know her husband’s whereabouts. At eighteen she lost her family, but after she married Gabriel, a man from an affluent family, she f... See More

editor's comment

The story holds my interest for there are so many mysteries about the hero and his marriage with the heroine. I can't help keep reading to find out his true feeling.


How could the very thing Angie has desired for so long have created so much turmoil in her life?Angie was undergoing fertility treatments with her husband when she finally became pregnant, but then the clinic told her that she had been accidentall... See More

editor's comment

The heroine seems weak and vulnerable but she has a strong heart despite what she has been through. I`m glad that she finally found the man who truly loves her and is willing to protect her .


Her first love has returned…and Sybilla just knows she’ll be hurt again.Ten years ago, Sybilla’s childhood friend Gareth, who was a few years older than she, cruelly shattered her heart, and now he’s returned home from America following his grandf... See More

editor's comment

The story is simple but the atmosphere and some small details in this story can really make you feel bittersweet emotion of unrequited love.


Her beloved baby turns out not to belong to her. And her son has been in the care of a billionaire all this time. What is Valentina to do?Valentina holds her newborn son. Though hers wasn’t a planned pregnancy, she’s determined to raise him on her... See More

editor's comment

The story makes me think that being able to love and being loved may be what should be treasured most in our life.I really enjoyed this story. The babies are so cute that they melted my heart.

Between the Italian's Sheets UPDATE : March 29th, 2019

It was just a vacation fling, but Emily will never forget Luca…“Thank you. It was the memory of a lifetime.” That’s what Emily told Luca, the man she met while on vacation in Verona. She leaves for London tomorrow and she’ll never see him again. T... See More

editor's comment

This is a sexy story with many hot scenes but what touches me is seeing that the hero,who only wanted physical relationship because of his hurtful past, finally moved forward and managed to love again.

The Last Groom On Earth UPDATE : March 22nd, 2019

The two clash every time they meet, yet they’re irresistibly drawn to each other.Bryce Richards is a brilliant auditor, so when his mentor’s daughter, Angela, is facing business problems, he is asked to help. At first he’s reluctant to go because ... See More

editor's comment

It is a dramatic story full of misunderstandings and clashes which kept me reading it and I really enjoy the the sweet sparkle between the hero and the heroine .

The Best Man and the Bridesmaid UPDATE : March 15th, 2019

Can the bridesmaid and best man make it through this wedding without falling in love?Daisy has been in love with her childhood friend Robert for years, but she isn’t particularly confident, and Robert is a notorious playboy. She decided long ago t... See More

editor's comment

Nothing could be more wonderful than to find that the one you have loved for long time also loves you.

For the Babies' Sakes UPDATE : March 8th, 2019

Helen loved her husband, Dan, from the bottom of her heart. The teenage sweethearts tied the knot two years ago, and their life together was wonderful. Until the day Helen came home from work early with a nasty cold…and found her half-naked husban... See More

editor's comment

This is heart-warming story about trust and keeping a family together. Although the heroine and the hero became distant because of a misunderstanding,The love and bond between them was strong enough that they managed to overcome the obstacle.


Wallflower Emily knows she’ll never be anything special to this dreamy surgeon.Nurse Emily knew that popular surgeon Professor Romeijn had called her a fat, red radish. And she was disappointed that the man would think of her so uncharitably. But ... See More

editor's comment

I'm glad to see that the hero, rather than appearance, was attracted to the heroine becasuse of her beautiful heart. Every girl shines in the eye of the man who truly loves her.

HER SISTER'S BABY UPDATE : February 22nd, 2019

After three years, Cass’s ex has come to her with heartbreaking news.It’s been three years since they broke up, but now Dray, Cass’s ex, has appeared before her once more. The way he broke up with her was downright cruel, so what could he possibly... See More

editor's comment

Why did the hero and heroine break up 3 years ago ? Could the hero be the father of the heroine's sister's baby? It seemed like a story about lie and betrayal at first but turned out to have a warm and lovely ending.



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