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THE BRIDE HUNTER UPDATE : November 15th, 2018

It all seemed so perfect…until she learned her husband wasn’t who he claimed to be!Fleeing her stalker ex-boyfriend, Anna boarded a plane for Las Vegas and hit it off with the talkative and extremely handsome cowboy in the seat next to her. They e... See More

editor's comment

An impulse married in Las Vegas and gave birth to a baby. I am glad hero did not let her go so easily and is really a bride hunter.

THE LUCCHESI BRIDE UPDATE : November 9th, 2018

When she was lost, he found her…heart and soul.Catherine visited Naples for the first time to meet her biological father, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. However, when she ended up stuck in Naples all alone, Alessandro offered to show he... See More

editor's comment

Heroine went to a foreign land to meet her biological father and new people including hero. It is like a new adventure for her.


When Liz, the CEO of a housekeeping company, visits her client, also a CEO, she finds out that he is none other than Cain, her ex-husband. After the divorce three years ago, Cain established himself as a successful businessman. With his black eyes... See More

editor's comment

Heroine in her happy maid uniform is cute and interactions between hero and heroine are adorable. The reunion gave them a second chance to communicate and get to know each other again.


I’m no longer a lover. His words have turned me into his mistress.Claire has been hired as a cleaner at billionaire James’s manor. While she’s excited to find out that her boss is a handsome man, like a real prince in a castle, James is confused a... See More

editor's comment

A pretty shocking start of the comic, but makes you want to continue reading to find out what is behind that cold look and was heroine just a mistress for physical relationship and nothing more.?

GOING...GOING...WED! UPDATE : October 19th, 2018

A rich playboy has won Madison for a week. Madison is nervous. She was entered in an auction to be bidded on for her housekeeping skills. She will provide the winner with housework for a week. She puts her guard up as soon as she finds out the not... See More

editor's comment

Very attractive and competent heroine, and a charismatic hero. Nice dress up each time heroine appears is rather entertaining.

MATCHED TO A BILLIONAIRE (Happily Ever After, Inc. Series) UPDATE : October 12th, 2018

I married him to give my mother a good life…and now mine will never be the same!Daniella was desperate to save her mother, so she decided to look for a husband in a matchmaking agency. But who would want to marry a poor girl like her and shoulder ... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is a devoted wife despite the fact that the marriage was only to save her mother. She supports hero well and plays her part as a wife but not allow to interfer with hero's lifestyle...

BOUGHT FOR HER BABY UPDATE : September 28th, 2018

Can Charlotte claim her innocence and Damon’s love?Charlotte was working hard at the museum to make the Greek sculpture exhibition a success. The primary sponsor of the exhibition is Greek billionaire Damon…and he was man who taught her all about ... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is a beautiful and mature lady surrounded by horrible people. I feel bad for heroine but I like how calmly she handled it.


A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!From the prince she once loved comes a proposal for political gain. What will she do?Carrie’s in a tight spot. For her brother’s sake, she may have to bow to Prince Luc’s demands—that sh... See More

editor's comment

Heroine looks so confident when at work but when she is with hero she blushed like a little girl. They are both too gorgeous to be single after so many years unless they choose to be.


Her nephew is the successor to a distinguished Greek family? Lyn had been raising the son of her late sister when Anatole suddenly appeared. He says he has come for the boy. As a poor student, Lyn has no way to win custody. However, Anatole, who f... See More

editor's comment

Heroine married hero to get the custody of george, if it was really a loveless marriage she would not have to suffer all those emotional torments.

FROM EX TO ETERNITY (Newlywed Games Series) UPDATE : September 7th, 2018

Can the man who left her at the altar really be her one true love? Cara Chandler-Harris is the lead dress designer and owner of Cara Chandler-Harris Designs, an up-and-coming wedding dress company. She was supposed to get married to Keith “Missle”... See More

editor's comment

Heroine blushed like a little girl when she sees hero, someone who left a scar in her so deeply. I like how heroine succeed in her career despite the tragedy that strucked her.

FIRE AND ICE UPDATE : August 31st, 2018

Even though popular romance novelist Margie has almost no experience when it comes to love, she writes under the pen name Silva, who is reputed to have had many lovers. Her real identity is a secret kept from the media. One day, she learns that Ca... See More

editor's comment

A romance comic with a sense of humour. A comic that would bring smile to your face.

Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress UPDATE : August 24th, 2018

Nina came from wealth, but she’s lost her fortune and her job and now she's hit rock bottom. Every day, she’s looked down upon by her former peers as she serves them as a waitress at a high-class resort. While taking a walk on the beach during her... See More

editor's comment

Heroine in this comic is definitely a strong and independent lady. Despite her circumstances, she moves on positively.


Beth's stepbrother drags her to a party where she meets Italian billionaire Dexter Giordanni and falls in love at first sight. Dex has built a business empire in only ten years, and he's flawlessly attractive... How could a man like that be intere... See More

editor's comment

Two love stories in one comic, hero in this comic is kind of unpredictable. His grin looks like he is up to something.

A THORN IN PARADISE UPDATE : August 10th, 2018

Corinna leads a quiet life, nursing an old, wealthy, stubborn man. But that life is disrupted when his estranged son, Antonio, comes home for the first time in fifteen years. And he has the audacity to accuse her of trying to steal his father’s fo... See More

editor's comment

Hero seems like a complete jerk or just too proud to express his feelings towards heroine. However, his attitude makes me wonder if things would have been difference if there wasn't a third party.

TO TAME A SHEIKH UPDATE : August 3rd, 2018

Johara was stunned when she read the article. Shortly after returning to his desert kingdom after studying abroad, Prince Shaheen was already preparing for marriage! Johara has been in love with him ever since Shaheen saved her life when she was y... See More

editor's comment

Many twist and turns in one book, I like how they look when young and how their expression changes when they turned adult. There are so many women at the party yet hero notice heroine immediately even though he couldn't recognize her.

TO TEMPT A SHEIKH UPDATE : July 27th, 2018

Talia disguises herself as her twin brother to enter the desert kingdom of Zohayd, only to be kidnapped and held captive there. Just as she realizes her desperate situation, a handsome man makes an explosive entrance and appears before her. Seeing... See More

editor's comment

Hero started off with a fierce look and was on his guard when he was with heroine, but i like how those eyes gradually turn into a gentle ones.


Popular columnist Kramer has published something he regrets. He described Maryanne, the daughter of an important man in the newspaper industry, as someone raised in such luxury that “she can’t be independent.” As a result, she’s quit the job her f... See More

editor's comment

I like how Hero started off as a jerk but when heroine decieded to quit and get a job on her own he starts to panick.


International entrepreneur Garth was diagnosed with a difficult illness and forced to rest. For a while, he tried to hide his identity and he spent his time on a ranch. One night when his absent neighbors asked him to check on their ranch while th... See More

editor's comment

A good balance of serious and comedy scenes. I live the peaceful life of heroine and it definitely helped Hero against his illness.


Ronnie’s elder brother has helped her land a tutoring job on the Italian island of Sardinia, but he’s also warned her that her employer, Guido, is dangerous. The first sight of him leaves her speechless—what a gorgeous man! But even before Ronnie ... See More

editor's comment

People don't appear to be who they really are. Hero seems dangerous but he is the one saving heroine from danger all the time.

PACIFIC HEAT UPDATE : June 28th, 2018

Olivia, an up-and-coming biographer, receives the job offer of a lifetime—Diane Haran, the Goddess of the Silver Screen, wants Olivia to write her life story. There’s just one little problem… Diane is the very same woman who stole Olivia’s husband... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is a career woman with a bad marriage but a calm and mature woman. Her decision to face her past definitely helped her to move on with a better life.



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