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His Cinderella Bride UPDATE : November 24th, 2017

While managing a high-class rental boutique, Rose often dreams of her own wedding. Then, one day, she has an unexpected encounter. Included with a returned wedding dress is a planner that must have been forgotten. To return the planner to its rig... See More

editor's comment

I find heroine adorable to be so truthful towards her own heart, becoming more and more attractive for the sake of love.

MARRY ME UPDATE : November 17th, 2017

The hottest television show on the air is Hartson Flowers, starring Alicia Hartson and her pregnant cohost, Georgia Flowers. When Georgia goes on maternity leave, Alicia needs a bit of help hosting the show, which features live proposals between p... See More

editor's comment

A romance with comical essence. If you like love story with humor, this is the book for you.

DR. HUNK UPDATE : November 10th, 2017

Just who is this mysterious "Dr. Hunk" that Kelsey's been delivering mail to? The cute and young postal worker has been delivering packages to an apparent recluse, but when she happens to meet him at the mailbox one day, he's anything but! And tho... See More

editor's comment

Hero in this comic is an attractive nerd. I like the first appearance of hero, and how his outlook changed after he met heroine.

DARK DESIRES UPDATE : November 3rd, 2017

After a major incident, Savannah retires from her career as a gifted actress and starts working primarily as a composer. Blake, a charismatic director, has rumors circling around him that he attempted to murder his ex-wife. He becomes enamored wit... See More

editor's comment

A comic with horror, suspense and love. Would introduce people who like fantasy.

A HAPPY MEETING UPDATE : October 27th, 2017

After Cressida lost her father, she is exploited by her cruel stepmother who inherited all of her father’s assets. She doesn’t have enough money to leave the house and she also can’t leave Moggy, an old housemaid who has worked for her family sinc... See More

editor's comment

A modern cinderella story of a plain jane. Heroine looks so soft and gentle and I am so glad she met hero for whom is going to help end her suffering.

THE PRICE OF SUCCESS UPDATE : October 20th, 2017

Sasha is a female drag racer. One day, her teammate, Rafael, crashes his car after she refused his marriage proposal the night before. The circumstances bewilder Sasha. When Marco, Rafael’s older brother and owner of the team, comes to fire her, S... See More

editor's comment

I like the heroine in this story. Strong amazing woman, almost too good for the hero in this story.

VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM UPDATE : October 13th, 2017

After returning from vacation, Kimberley is suddenly surrounded by the media at the airport. While she’s stunned, not knowing what’s happening, she notices a man slowly making his way toward her. It’s Ric Perrini. What is he doing there? The sudde... See More

editor's comment

I like how the story started, and how it keep readers wondering why their marraige only lasted for ten days.


Ten years ago, Gabe left Emily in the middle of their honeymoon, abandoning her for a new job. Now, just when Emily has finally started to forget about him, a letter from Gabe arrives at her office without warning! She refuses to meet with him at ... See More

editor's comment

I like the cover of this comic book. Hero is such a workaholic that he would choose work over spending time with loves one. Hero did not seem to be able to understand why leaving in the middle of a honeymoon was going to hurt heroine. A divorce letter is a good lesson for him.

SURRENDER UPDATE : September 29th, 2017

Anthropologist Evonne has strange powers—she can’t actually see the dead, but she can communicate with them. One day, she obtains a vial that is rumored to have special properties. It’s said that the vial has the ability to enhance the paranormal ... See More

editor's comment

I like the short hair heroine with spectacles. A story about supernatural power, would recommend this comic to readers who like fantasy book.

SHEIK SEDUCTION UPDATE : September 22nd, 2017

While visiting the Middle Eastern country of Beharrain, Sara’s coworker is killed in an ambush by an unknown group of people. Sara and Tariq, who has a handsome face and piercing eyes, survive the ordeal. They escape to an oasis and spend the nigh... See More

editor's comment

A different style for harlequin comics with many fighting scenes and hero is the tough guy type instead of the clean rich guy you often get to see in Harlequin comics.

THE COUNT'S SECRET CHILD UPDATE : September 15th, 2017

Théo, a count and a businessman, knew he liked what he saw as soon as he met waitress Carrie. But their relationship had one important rule: don’t bring love into it. Carrie sees him as a Prince Charming, though, and falls in love anyway. She’s de... See More

editor's comment

Hero expressions are so adorable when he is with the child. The kid definitely is one of the reason why they are together but there is definitely more going on between them.

MISTRESS AT A PRICE UPDATE : September 8th, 2017

Cat can’t wait to leave this wedding ceremony. Her divorced parents have come with their respective young partners, and the wedding vows the bride and groom exchange sound empty to her. Out of boredom, she escapes to sit by the lake, where she mee... See More

editor's comment

The drawings of this comic are so clean and pure. You wouldn't have expected the characters of hero and heroine from the drawings.

The Forced Bride UPDATE : September 1st, 2017

Emily agrees to a marriage of convenience to Count Rafael, just as her father requested before his death. It was agreed that they would get divorced when she turned 21, and she would receive her inheritance. However, as her 21st birthday approache... See More

editor's comment

The heroine in this comic is probably too young to be marrying for convenience. She is indeed a forced bride and her life doesn't seem to be her choice. Hero is always so calm but I like how he loses his calm when it comes to heroine.


Allie's beloved uncle passed away, and she is tormented by regret that she wasn't able to make it to his funeral. She decides to live her life on the vineyard that her uncle bequeathed to her, but then her first love, Xav, appears in front of her ... See More

editor's comment

Hero and heroine in this comics look so pure and I enjoy watching their life in the country. It is definitely a good place for heroine when she is suffering from the pain of losing a loved one.

THE SHEIKH'S PRIZE UPDATE : August 18th, 2017

King Zahir, ruler of the desert country of Maraban, is taken aback when he learns that his ex-wife, Sapphire, is visiting the country. Zahir divorced her five years ago, despite the fact they were still madly in love! Even after all this time, the... See More

editor's comment

Long hair hero in this comic looks cold but warm in heart. I love how they still love and care for each others despite the fact that they are divorced.


Amy feels flustered when Hugh asks her to be his secretary for two weeks while his secretary is out on a vacation, in order to combat a seduction from his boss’s wife. She hesitantly accepts the job, feeling totally panicky inside. She knows well ... See More

editor's comment

Hero is like a playboy always surrounded by gorgeous ladies. It is understandable why heroine wanted to hide her feelings towards him.


I lost my memory after a car accident—my memory of the past six months is gone! A gorgeous man who stands in front of me says he’s my husband. More surprisingly, I am pregnant! I didn’t even have a boyfriend before I lost my memory, so how can I b... See More

editor's comment

Captivating storyline that makes you wonder what happened to heroine before her memory loss and is hero really the father of the baby he claimed to be?


Claire takes off to Italy after her best friend, Grace, asks her to stay by her side during her pregnancy. Claire thought a new life in Italy would be the perfect opportunity to forget her unhappy past. However, her heart is stirred by the beautif... See More

editor's comment

I like the drawings of this book. Hero with spectacles is pretty rare in Harlequin comics. Heroine is beautiful and her friend seems to have a nice personality as well.


Lily’s house has been sold by her stepmother and she has to move out right away. The buyer is a gorgeous man named Ciro. But she’s certain his charming mask is hiding a coldhearted businessman. Unexpectedly, he visits her right before she must mov... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is such a nice lady, while hero is such an old minded youg man. Interesting to see how love changed the mindset of hero.


How could this have happened? The man Princess Pippa of Chantaine fell for was Nic Lafitte, whose family is the sworn enemy of Pippa’s family. She wished that she didn’t know who he was. She wished that she could simply enjoy being in his confiden... See More

editor's comment

A modern princess and prince story. Heroine is so elegant and I like how they overcome obstacles to be with each other.



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