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Can I speak with you alone?

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The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

I've never met a woman like you.

Pure Romance

Fatherhood Fever!

Are you ready to have children?

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Emma Darcy Bundle

[Bundle]Dramatic Love Story Selection 2

This bundle contains : THE STONE PRINCESS,DESERT PRINCE, BRIDE OF INNOCENCE , and THE PLAYBOY BOSS'S CHOSEN BRIDE. Petra met Caine on her eighteenth birthday. Though Caine was only in his twenties, he'd already made a name for himself as a talented investor. He radiated confidence, and Petra fell in love with him at first sight. They were soon wed, but behind her back, Petra's aunt and uncle—the people who raised her—sought to use Petra and Caine's passionate love to extort money from him! Betrayed and furious, Caine decides to take out his rage on Petra...

[Bundle]Animal Cupid Vol.6

This bundle contains : CHARMING THE PRINCE,THE MILLIONAIRE'S INEXPERIENCED LOVE-SLAVE , and MAN IN THE PARK. Francesca, a veterinarian working at a vet hospital in L.A, is sent to the country of Llandaron as a proxy for her boss. Her task is to deliver the puppies of the king's beloved dog. As soon as Francesca arrives at the palace, she goes to see her patient, Glinda. A man riding a horse appears suddenly appears from the bushes! When she asks who he is, he reveals himself to be Prince Maxim, the second son of the king! The two of them fall in love at first sight, but there is one thing standing in the way of them being together!

[Bundle] Complicated Red String of Fate Vol.4

This bundle contains : THE KOUROS MARRIAGE REVENGE,THE SPANIARD'S DEFIANT VIRGIN , and THE SECRET BABY REVENGE. I never knew this could happen from just one kiss. When Kallie was seventeen, she kissed Alexandros, not knowing that he had a fiancée. The engagement was broken off, and his life changed forever. Seven years later, Kallie is reunited with Alexandros, now a Greek shipping magnate. She was never able to forget him, so her heart beats wildly at their reunion. However, he only has one desire in his heart after being reunited with the now-stunning Kallie: I will enjoy all of it—her and getting my revenge...

[Bundle] Arrogant Hero's Trauma Vol.3

This bundle contains : RESCUE AT CRADLE LAKE,A WIFE AT KIMBARA , and THE LAST GRAND PASSION. Ginny's life as a doctor is put on hold when she returns to her hometown, Cradle Lake, to care for her brother in his final days. It's there that she meets Fergus, a fellow doctor with a dark past. He's taken a job in the small, sleepy town to heal his old wounds. Drawn to the pain and suffering they see in each other's eyes, they eventually fall for one another. "Just one night, Fergus. Make me forget it all," begs Ginny as she opens her heart to him. She never imagined that one lone night would bring them all-new pain…

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