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The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

I've never met a woman like you.

Pure Romance

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Emma Darcy Bundle

[Bundle] Author Emma Darcy Best Selection Vol. 10

This bundle contains : BURNING WITH PASSION,POINT OF IMPACT , and INHERITED: ONE NANNY. Caitlin and her boss, David, are not only secretary and employer, but lovers, as well. When she met him four months ago, Caitlin quickly fell under the spell of his charm. But David only wanted a sweet, temporary affair with no complications. How can there be a future for them when they want such different things?

[Bundle] Author Emma Darcy Best Selection Vol. 9

This bundle contains : TWISTING SHADOWS,THE COSTARELLA CONQUEST , and JACK'S BABY. Top programmer Jo has just landed herself a job. But when she meets her new boss, she freezes. Standing right there in front of her is Mike Hunter, the man she has hated for three years, three months and ten days! And to make it even worse, her other worst enemy, his cousin Mark Hunter, works at the same company. Mark, not recognizing Jo, attempts to pursue her romantically. And Mike, though he knows quite well just how much she hates him, is still aggressive in his desire for her. Jo is caught between both men, drowning in a whirlpool of their desires. Just what happened in their shared past? And where is this love triangle going?

[Bundle] Artist Keiko Okamoto Best Selection Vol. 3

This bundle contains : LAST-MINUTE BRIDEGROOM,The Sicilian's Virgin Bride , and RUTHLESSLY BEDDED BY THE ITALIAN BILLIONAIRE. Tasha has been dumped by her fiancé. She rushes to her family home, hoping for some wisdom and comfort from her gentle father; instead she finds Chase, her nasty cousin. If she tells him her engagement has been broken off, he will obviously try to hurt her more, since the only things that come out of his demon lips are sneers and sarcasm. But Tasha gives in and cries about the troubles of canceling the wedding. Chase then gives her a warm smile and offers to be the replacement groom. After being swept away by a gentle kiss, Tasha begins to desire to be with Chase for real, and before they know it their secret relationship begins to blossom!

[Bundle] High Review Selection Vol. 14

This bundle contains : INHERITED: ONE NANNY,BRIDE OF THE BAD BOY , and THE ITALIAN'S BLACKMAILED MISTRESS. The gardens of beautiful Rosecliff Mansion are blooming with roses, and the household is busy preparing to welcome their new master—but Maggie is feeling a little nervous. The late, kind-hearted Vivian Prescott, the former owner of Rosecliff, had said to her, “My grandson, Beau, is your Prince Charming.” Unfortunately, her miserable past may derail any such happy ending. The house is filled with excitement at receiving the majestic explorer, Beau Prescott, and Maggie is mesmerized by his masculine beauty—,but sees rejection and scorn in his piercing emerald green eyes.

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