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Can I speak with you alone?

Pure Romance

The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

I've never met a woman like you.

Pure Romance

Fatherhood Fever!

Are you ready to have children?

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Emma Darcy Bundle

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 179

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin comics! The vol. 179 is featuring theme: Animal Cupid Vol.2.This bundle contains Falling for Jack, Father's Day and MAN IN THE PARK.Please check Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol.179 for free previews!

[Bundle] Heart trembling Harlequin Romance Vol.4

This bundle contains : THE DUKE'S BABY,FATHERHOOD FEVER! , and THE TWELVE NIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS. Before Andrea’s husband died, he was a professor studying the legends of King Arthur. In order to finish her husband’s final work, Andrea is staying at a thirteenth-century château owned by one of her late husband’s friends—a duke. As the sun sets one day, Andrea is taking photographs on the castle’s grounds when a man suddenly confronts her. “This area is out of bounds!” Her handsome accuser has sharp blue eyes that put Andrea in mind of the legendary Sir Lancelot. He is Lancelot Malbois de Lac, the duke’s only son.

[Bundle] Heart trembling Harlequin Romance Vol.1

This bundle contains : IRRESISTIBLE 1,IRRESISTIBLE 2 , and THE LAST GRAND PASSION. Elissa is having trouble changing a flat tire when she is caught off guard by a man offering her help. The man, who appeared out of nowhere, was Walker Buchanan, a handsome man who had recently moved in to the upstairs of her apartment. Not wanting to be in debt to a man, Elissa tries to refuse Walker’s generosity. Irresistible is a popular spin-off work that depicts love and hate of the Buchanan restaurant empire in Seattle and is now available as a manga! Also included in the book is a side story, Loving Spoonful.

[Bundle]Dramatic Love Story Selection 2

This bundle contains : THE STONE PRINCESS,DESERT PRINCE, BRIDE OF INNOCENCE , and THE PLAYBOY BOSS'S CHOSEN BRIDE. Petra met Caine on her eighteenth birthday. Though Caine was only in his twenties, he'd already made a name for himself as a talented investor. He radiated confidence, and Petra fell in love with him at first sight. They were soon wed, but behind her back, Petra's aunt and uncle—the people who raised her—sought to use Petra and Caine's passionate love to extort money from him! Betrayed and furious, Caine decides to take out his rage on Petra...

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