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GOING...GOING...WED! UPDATE : October 19th, 2018

A rich playboy has won Madison for a week. Madison is nervous. She was entered in an auction to be bidded on for her housekeeping skills. She will provide the winner with housework for a week. She puts her guard up as soon as she finds out the not... See More

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Very attractive and competent heroine, and a charismatic hero. Nice dress up each time heroine appears is rather entertaining.

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Genre Romance  /  Pure Romance  /  Passion Romance  /  Historical Romance  /  Seasonal Romance  /  Romace  /  Fantasy Romance  /  Romantic Suspense
Author Helen Brooks  /  Penny Jordan  /  Kate Hardy  /  Trish Morey  /  Lindsay Armstrong  /  Maisey Yates  /  Emma Goldrick  /  Lynne Graham
Artist Sara Nakayama  /  Haruhi Sakura  /  Yu Asami  /  Marito Ai  /  Misao Hoshiai  /  Harumi Benisako  /  Kaoru Oginome  /  Megumu Minami

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