Lynne Graham Collection

Mistress contract

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife

I'll buy you a house and look after your needs. …In exchange, I want you to be my mistress.

Cinderella story

The Sheikh's Innocent Bride

I swear on my honor that I will protect you.

Office Romance

The Italian Boss's Mistress

You call me this? Your company photo was terrible.

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Lynne Graham Bundle

[Bundle] Artist Junko Okada Best Selection Vol. 5

This bundle contains : A SICILIAN SEDUCTION,Accidental Mistress , and Bittersweet Passion. Giancarlo Cardinale is determined to end the affair between his brother-in-law, Edward, and the man’s young secretary. But as soon as he lays eyes on Natalia, he realizes how she managed to seduce the man away from his sister. He quickly decides to end the previous affair by seducing Natalia himself. But Giancarlo isn’t prepared to be swept away by Natalia’s mind as well as her looks. Natalia is also swept away…but she isn’t prepared to reveal the truth about her relationship with Edward.

[Bundle] Artist Junko Okada Best Selection Vol. 4

This bundle contains : A RICH MAN'S WHIM,Jack and the Princess , and Something Old, Something New. Kat raises her little sisters while running a small bed-and-breakfast. Business hasn’t been great lately, though, and she is about to lose ownership of the property. She doesn’t know what to do next, but for now she’s just keeping the place open as long as she can. One day, in the midst of all this, a man comes through a winter storm and sends Kat’s heart racing. He’s just too handsome. Of course, he’s unaware of her feelings and leaves the next day. But a few days later, the same man shows up again. It turns out his name is Mikhail. Apparently, Mikhail has bought the deed to Kat’s bed-and-breakfast, and he has come to make her an offer she can’t refuse!

[Bundle] Artist Junko Okada Best Selection Vol. 3

This bundle contains : THE REPLACEMENT WIFE,Mistress Bought and Paid For , and Bedded by Blackmail. Becca is shocked when her estranged uncle summons her to his estate—especially when he’s always hated her for being born out of wedlock. When she arrives, she finds her cousin Larissa’s fiancé waiting with an unusual idea:. Since Becca looks so much like her cousin, his plan is to trick everyone into believing that Becca is Larissa to win back the family fortune that Larissa has promised to her lover. Before she even has a chance to think, Becca begins her fake life as Leo’s replacement fiancée… Will she be able to play the part?

[Bundle] One Night Love Affair Vol. 8

This bundle contains : Playboy's Surprise Son,CINDERFELLA , and The Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride. Kaye was asked out on a date by Formula One world champion Jared. Completely smitten with the famous playboy, she gave him her virginity. But after they consummated the act and Jared realized she had been a virgin, he turned away from her. Kaye’s first love was cruelly trampled on. But her pain wasn’t over yet. She had gotten pregnant from her one-night stand, and she was unable to get in touch with Jared. So Kaye raised her child alone for six years. Until one day when Jared showed up again…

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