Miranda Lee Collection


Heartthrob for Hire

Is he going to kiss me again? Why?


The Secret Love-Child

We'll be lovers for just the two weeks of the trip.

Office Romance

The Billionaire's Bride of Convenience

He can give women everything they want.

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Miranda Lee Bundle

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 148

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin comics! The vol. 148 is featuring theme: CEO Heroes Vol. 3.This bundle contains A DARING PROPOSITION, ACQUIRED: THE CEO'S SMALL-TOWN BRIDE and Bedding His Virgin Mistress.Please check Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol.148 for free previews!

[Bundle] Artist Misao Hoshiai Best Selection Vol. 1

This bundle contains : Mistress of the Groom,THE RELUCTANT PRINCESS , and THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISTRESS. After trying to save her best friend from a loveless marriage, Jane Sherwood has been constantly harassed by the upset groom, Ryan Blair. From bankrupting her to having her kicked out from her apartment, Ryan has been getting his revenge for the past three years. One night, Jane decides she needs some revenge of her own and punches Ryan so hard it leaves her hand injured. To make up for such a humiliating spectacle, Ryan attempts to make Jane his mistress and takes care of her while she heals. Just how much more suffering will Ryan put her through? Is he really trying to get revenge or is there something else behind his actions?

[Bundle] Artist Motoko Mori Best Selection Vol. 5

This bundle contains : A Devil In Disguise,Fugitive Bride , and THE DARK SIDE OF DESIRE. Dru has been working as a personal assistant to Cayo, the CEO of a corporate giant. She gave up everything to help take care of the company's worldwide troubles and even prepared gifts for Cayo's ex-girlfriends. But now she has lost her younger brother and no longer has to worry about his expensive medical bills. She's not going to think of herself last anymore. She wants to be free from her unrequited love for her cold-blooded boss, so she decides to leave the firm. Cayo panics at the sudden news that his talented PA is leaving him. He cleverly uses his charm to lure her out to a tropical island, scheming to keep her…

[Bundle] High Review Selection Vol. 17

This bundle contains : UNEXPECTED ENGAGEMENT,BEGUILED , and THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISTRESS. Lysan was engaged before she realized what had happened…or so it felt to her. When her childhood friend Noel lost his parents, her attempts to comfort him blew up into an engagement… Her family is elated, but Lysan herself is unsettled and decides to take a journey…to the country where Dante, a man she once met, lives. In a confused daze, Lysan steps foot in a foreign land…and runs right into Dante himself!!

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