Penny Jordan Collection


The Most Coveted Prize

Don't close your eyes.

Secret baby

A Secret Disgrace

I know you've given birth to my son.

Pure Romance


If you hate me so much,why are you kissing me like this?

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Penny Jordan Bundle

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 148

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin comics! The vol. 148 is featuring theme: CEO Heroes Vol. 3.This bundle contains A DARING PROPOSITION, ACQUIRED: THE CEO'S SMALL-TOWN BRIDE and Bedding His Virgin Mistress.Please check Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol.148 for free previews!

[Bundle] Artist Misao Hoshiai Best Selection Vol. 3

This bundle contains : HIS CAVALRY LADY,The Reluctant Surrender , and One Night…Nine-Month Scandal. In 1812, more than one hundred years before the Russian revolution, there was a youthful Russian Army captain, beautiful and proud. Blue-eyed Alex, a favorite of the tsar, is accompanying him to England. But Alex is a woman—born into the nobility, she ran away from home when forced to marry. Since then she has pretended to be a man. But when she meets the bright Duke Calder in England, she falls in love. Is it time for Alex to reveal her true self?

[Bundle] Artist Natsue Ogoshi Best Selection Vol. 3

This bundle contains : THE SHEIKH'S CONVENIENT BRIDE,The Christmas Love-Child , and The Boss's Marriage Arrangement. Financial analyst Megan presents a plan to modernize Suliyam, a country with strong traditions that seem outdated to Megan. When she is removed as the point person on the project because she’s a woman, she learns that it was Sheikh Qasim’s idea. Megan is enraged and bitterly confronts Qasim. But instead of addressing her concerns, Qasim suddenly sweeps her up, carries her away and kissesher! She should be furious, yet she feels her whole body start to melt at the touch of his lips…

[Bundle] Artist Natsue Ogoshi Best Selection Vol. 2

This bundle contains : THE CITY-GIRL BRIDE,The Dominant Male , and Bought: the Greek's Baby. Maggie Russell is considered the most brilliant young businesswoman in London. She’s wealthy, lives in a posh flat, rubs elbows with the other elites of the business world and is completely content with the life she leads. When her grandfather dies, Maggie desperately searches for a way to make her grieving grandmother happy again. As luck would have it, the country house her grandparents lived in during their newlywed days is going up for auction and Maggie’s determined to purchase it for her grandmother. Unfortunately, this city girl is no match for the countryside and its wild ways. Luckily for her, the mysterious farmer Finn Gordon is in a mood to save this damsel in distress. But when an unyielding rainstorm keeps her cooped up in the home of her rescuer, Maggie comes face-to-face with a desire as fierce and wild as the downpour outside.

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