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The Most Coveted Prize

Don't close your eyes.

Secret baby

A Secret Disgrace

I know you've given birth to my son.

Pure Romance


If you hate me so much,why are you kissing me like this?

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Penny Jordan Bundle

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 128

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin comics! The vol. 128 is featuring the theme Rekindled Love Vol. 1. It contains This bundle offers "THE PREGNANCY AFFAIR","Mistress to Her Husband", and "Naive Bride, Defiant Wife".

[Bundle] Hero With Traumatic Past Selection Vol.4

This bundle contains : MASTER OF PLEASURE,COLONEL ANCROFT'S LOVE 1 , and COLONEL ANCROFT'S LOVE 2. Ten years ago, Sasha and Gabriel had a whirlwind romance, but now, Sasha's husband has died of cancer, leaving her in charge of two boys and a foundering hotel. With her life thrown into turmoil, Gabriel returns with one mission: as the remaining son of the Calbrini family, he's to take the boys under his wing and make sure they're raised correctly. Can a decade-old love rekindle, or will the boys say goodbye to their mom?

[Bundle] Marriage with No Love Involved Selection Vol.1

This bundle contains : A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure,THE VENADICCI MARRIAGE VENGEANCE , and Married by Christmas. Fortenegro is a tiny island country in the Aegis Sea. Ionanthe's elder sister married the kingdom's Crown Prince Max, but continually cheated on him, and ultimately died in an accident with a lover. According to the kingdom's laws, Ionanthe must pay for her sister's sins by marrying Max and bearing him an heir. To think that she'd be forced into marriage in the twenty-first century! Still, she finds herself melting when the drop-dead gorgeous man gives her a steamy kiss during their marriage parade. But to Max, their marriage is merely his duty…

[Bundle] Fake Love Selection Vol.1

This bundle contains : FORGOTTEN PASSION,Mistress: Pregnant by the Spanish Billionaire , and The Wedding Surprise. Five years ago, Lisa and Rorke’s marriage soured before they even had a chance to call themselves newlyweds. Unable to face her family as her young marriage lay in ruin, Lisa fled St. Martin with her unborn son. For five years Lisa managed to hide from Rorke while she singlehandedly raised Robbie. But now Rorke’s found her and he’s as tyrannical as ever. He demands she return to St. Martin as his wife. When she refuses, he attempts to persuade her by offering to pretend that Robbie is his son. The audacity of this man—Robbie is his son!

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