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The Most Coveted Prize

Don't close your eyes.

Secret baby

A Secret Disgrace

I know you've given birth to my son.

Pure Romance


If you hate me so much,why are you kissing me like this?

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Penny Jordan Bundle

[Bundle] Spring, a season for romance Vol.2

This bundle contains : THE LIFE SAVER,A ROYAL BRIDE AT THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND , and THE MIDWIFE'S CHILD. Jo, a doctor, was worried about her coworker Ripley who was struggling to recover from his recent divorce. There is no doubt that Ripley loved his beautiful ex-wife from the bottom of his heart. But it hurts Jo to see him in pain because secretly she has feelings toward him. Will she be brave enough to tell him how she feels? And what will happen when Ripley finds out his ex-wife is pregnant?

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 174

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin comics! The vol. 174 is featuring theme: Slut or Saint vol.1.This bundle contains PRINCE OF THE DESERT, TRAIL OF LOVE and SEX, LIES AND A SECURITY TAPE.Please check Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol.174 for free previews!

[Bundle]Slut-shamed Heroine Vol.1

This bundle contains : PRINCE OF THE DESERT,TRAIL OF LOVE , and SEX, LIES AND A SECURITY TAPE. In need of money, Gwynneth goes to the Kingdom of Zuran to sell the condominium her father left her before he passed away. But due to the constant real-estate frauds that occur in Zuran, she has trouble getting the papers to prove the condo is hers before selling it. To make matters worse, someone else has the key to her condo, and when he slips in one night, Gwynneth makes no effort to resist the mysterious stranger. Luckily, he restrains himself, but he isn’t just any random man: it’s Sheikh Tarik himself. They both seem to think the condo is theirs and are stuck with each other until the matter is resolved. But Tarik and Gwynneth can’t help but be enticed by one another. Will they both be able to resist acting on their feelings?

[Bundle] Complicated Red String of Fate Vol.3

This bundle contains : A PROMISE TO REPAY,THE COZAKIS BRIDE , and SAVAGE ATONEMENT. Four years ago, Kate lost her beloved brother, her only remaining family. To exacts her revenge on Aidan, the man who drove her brother to his death, she attends his wedding and messes up the ceremony by claiming to be his wife. But Kate was mistaken—the man she truly wanted revenge upon was Aidan’s twin brother!

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