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  • New Too Scared to Love
  • both had bad parts in the past:JABMar 26, 2019
    The hero and heroine have one of those bad first impressions of each other where the hero sees the heroine who's looks similar to his wife that he despises for her extorting money and marriage from...
  • New The Earl and the Pickpocket
  • The Artist and Lady in Rags. :JABMar 25, 2019
    The hero has been living on the streets since her guardian was ready to have her marry a rotten noble off the street. During her time as a street urchin, she runs into the hero who offers her money...
  • New Marriage by Contract
  • first time grandpa:JABMar 25, 2019
    I was surprised to have a hero in his late thirties and a grandpa when the heroine met him. They only meet when the heroine's curious reporter senses decide to investigate a mysterious ad in the pa...
  • The Last Groom On Earth
  • okay:JABMar 18, 2019
    So, the story has a young college student who takes the nasty pranks of the little kid heroine with a silent manner because she's the child of his beloved professor(heroine's mother) who helped in ...

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