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  • 2017/09/18
  • [New Release!] THE RETURN OF HER PAST
  • Mia was in love with the son of the family her parents worked for. One night, she took care of him when he showed up injured. They then became intimate. Their intimate moment was witnessed by Carlos’ mother and she yelled at her for not knowing her place. Mia then moved out for college. She launched her own event company after college and now lives a happy life. One day, she receives an event request from Carlos’ family. She tells herself not to mix her personal feelings with her business. She’s a mature woman now. But she soon learns her decision has been a wrong one in a hard way. Click here to read.
  • 2017/09/09
  • Alice was waiting for a guest, an old boyfriend, Kyros. He suddenly disappeared ten years ago after telling Alice that he was returning to his homeland, Greece, to get married. So why did he call out of the blue to say he was stopping by? Alice wore a bold, black satin dress. She wanted to impress him so that he would regret ever having left her…but the moment Alice greeted him, her heart was immediately shaken. It didn’t matter how much time had passed… His light tan, his rough, pirate-like features and strong body—he was all too irresistible! Click here to read.
  • 2017/09/02
  • In order to forget her painful past, Miranda leaves England for the island of Kalmos in Greece. Though she was once an aspiring internationl violinist with a future full of promise, a tragic accident abruptly ended her career and thrust her under the scornful eye of the media. As she seeks a chance to get away from it all, her fate soon takes a sudden turn. After finding herself almost drowning in the ocean, she is saved by a millionaire named Theo Savakis, who takes an interest in her immediately. Although she has no idea what he truly feels, Miranda is unexpectedly attracted by the kindness that she discovers beneath Theo’s masculine exterior… Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/17
  • Summer Festival Second Batch! Sale with Lowest Price $0.99!
  • Summer Festival with lowest price $0.99 only in Balloons & Chapters!
    Second batch: August 17 - 30, 2017 (PDT)
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  • 2017/08/15
  • Read Preview of Newest Titles Faster than Anywhere Else!
  • Read preview of the latest Harlequin Comics faster than anywhere else, only in Balloons & Chapters!
    Previews are now released altogether on 1st and 15th every month.
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  • 2017/08/13
  • [New Releases] HER IMPOSSIBLE BOSS
  • Matt is at his wit’s end. As if he isn’t busy enough with business transactions for the company he manages, he’s left to take care of his ten-year-old daughter, Samantha, when his ex-wife passes away. Samantha rejects every nanny Matt hires. Just as the temp agency refuses to deal with him anymore, one of his employees introduces him to her younger sister, Tess. He learns that Tess is spending the summer at her sister’s place, and he hires her as a nanny. She immediately befriends Samantha, but Matt doesn’t expect to find himself falling for Tess’s carefree charms…!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/12
  • [New Releases] ONE RECKLESS NIGHT
  • When Zanna arrives in her late mother’s hometown, her car breaks down. She visits a nearby mechanic and is taken with an arrogant man who is beautiful and carries the scent of danger. Zanna then goes to see the church that was in her mother’s childhood photos and her heart is struck by a painting hanging on the wall. When she asks if she can buy the painting, she is told that the owner will be hosting a dance party that night. Suddenly, that arrogant guy from the mechanic’s shop shows up and asks her to attend the party with him…!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/11
  • [New Releases] DANGEROUS DESIRE
  • Monaco: the small kingdom facing the Mediterranean Sea, where even fairy tales as unlikely as a former Hollywood star becoming a princess can come true. Isabelle, an American, comes to this dreamlike country, where she meets Jean-Luc, an infamous playboy billionaire. Ever since Isabelle was cheated on by the man she thought was her perfect match, she’s lost all trust in men. But despite her hardheaded refusals, Jean-Luc persists…and Isabelle begins to change.Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/10
  • Lily Ford, who owns a small PR company, has successfully signed a contract to represent a major resort development company. The CEO of the company, whose name is Gage, is a playboy who always dominates gossip magazines. At first, Lily finds it hard to work with him, but when she sees how talented he is, she becomes attracted to Gage. However, she’s somehow able to keep her composure and concentrate on her job. Gage, on the other hand, becomes interested in Lily, who reacts totally differently from his ex-girlfriends, so he makes her a surprising offer…Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/09
  • Reba is a popular top model. She receives a marriage proposal from celebrity Elliot Thorson III, but she intends to reject him. Then one day, like a flash of lightning, she falls for a man, vowing to love him forever. Fate has arrived. She feels passionately for Hunter, a man she meets while being photographed on location in the Caribbean. But, after agonizing about the need to pay the enormous cost of surgery for her mother, Reba lies to Hunter, leaving him and choosing Elliot instead. But what she doesn't know is that he and Elliot are cousins…Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/08
  • Victoria isn’t good with men. She doesn’t want a boyfriend or a husband—she just wants a baby... She’s decided that Caleb, the owner of a newspaper company, is the best candidate for the job. Now she just has to seduce him and get him in the mood. Rumor has it that Caleb is a resolute bachelor and a playboy, making him the perfect choice. There’s no way he’ll be interested in marriage. So Victoria dares to slip into a sexy dress and attempts to seduce Caleb. He’s shocked by demure Victoria’s sexy transformation, but he firmly refuses her offer. He’s in for a surprise when he discovers her newspaper advertisement the following day—"Wanted: A Man to Father a Child."Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/07
  • Eve is strutting down the runway as a model for a glamorous fashion event. She cannot stop her legs from trembling in fear, but she has to do it for her late sister… Scribbled on a note her sister left behind is the name Raphael Di Lazaro, the name Eve believes is the key to unlocking the mysteries behind her sister’s death. And tonight is the perfect night to investigate since Lazaro is hosting the event. As Eve moves down the runway, her eyes lock with those of an imposing man. It feels like destiny, and it is…for she will soon find out that the arrogant and coldhearted man is Raphael himself!Click here to read.


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