Spin Off from Harlequin Comics!
Spin off of "Barakat Kingdom" from Harlequin's famous mini-series, "Desert princes" by author.

Intro of mini-series

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About 3 princes who ruled the Kingdom of Barakat


Caroline visits the desert country of West Barakat after winning a lottery. The trip is her last chance to enjoy freedom before she must marry the wealthy man who will rescue her family from penury. The moment she lays eyes on her guide, Kaifal, she’s overwhelmed with unexpected sweet feelings. Confident Kaifal intrigues Caroline from the start.She’s entranced by his passionate eyes, but doesn’t yet know she’s been ensnared in an intricate trap!


Jana has been hired as a tutor in the desert country of Central Barakat. However, when the father of her pupils introduces himself, she realizes that he’s the ruler of Barakat, King Omar. “You will be the teacher of my daughters, the princesses,” he says. Though Jana is struck by Omar’s good looks, she also finds him brusque. Since the death of his wife, Omar’s heart has been frozen as solid as ice. What can she do to touch his heart? Jana starts to formulate a plan to melt his defences, but is her plan a good idea?


Zara has come to East Barakat to excavate ancient ruins. One day, while bathing in the river, she meets a man with obsidian eyes. He’s the prince of East Barakat, Rafi, and he falls in love with his water nymph at first sight! Zara is more cautious, having heard that Rafi is a ladies’ man, but he insists his feelings for Zara are real. When Zara is suddenly kidnapped, both their hearts are put to the test. Will their love come through unscathed?

The bandit of desert is actually...?

Sheikh's Honor

What’s the dastardly rogue who kidnapped Clio’s sister years ago in the desert country of Barakat doing at Love Lake? Her sister is safe and sound—and married to a prince!—but Clio still can’t forgive this man for what he did in the past. Now she has to be the tour guide even though he’s on a mission that must be kept secret from her. Will Clio keep the love growing inside her a secret, as well?

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After waking up in a hospital, Anna learned she was recovering from a car accident. It affected her memory, so of course she was surprised to discover she has a baby and is married to Gazi Al Hamzeh. Not sure what to believe, Anna decided to trust her self-proclaimed husband, who then tricked her into accompanying him to his home country. Just what is Gazi planning to do with Anna next?


Lisbet Raine felt smothered by her ex-lover, Jafar al Hamzeh, and after leaving him she thought she would never see him again. But then while filming in his homeland, he sweeps her off her feet, literally. Jaf wants to convince Lisbet that he loves her, but she’s sure she’ll be repeating her mother’s mistakes if she returns Jaf’s love. Soon, though, Lisbet must get close to Jaf again to help prevent a coup d’état. Will she be able to resist Jaf’s pull?

Sheikh's Betrayal

When she was a teenager, Desi fell in love with the son of the royal family from the desert country of Barakat. Even though she gave her virginity and swore her future to him, they were too young, and their love too turbulent, ending in the two of them resenting each other. Ten years later, a single phone call from a close friend reunites them once again. "Please seduce Salah. If you don't, then I'll be forced to marry him..." her close friend pleads, as she already as a lover of her own. Desi reluctantly decides to fly to Barakat. Waiting for her there is her former lover, who has since become a sheikh, no longer the young boy she once knew....

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It is not mentioned in the comic , but the characters are actually connected to one another in a surprising way. Ashraf was actually chalice gurdian ("THE SOLITARY SHEIKH") before he became the prince of Omar,Dana and Lisbet (THE PLAYBOY SHEIKH) are both actresses and friends !


Actress Dana is "sold" as a prize in a charity auction to Ashraf, a mystery man who "buys" her for an unspeakable sum of money. They share a passionate kiss before he disappears without a word… When he turns up again, Dana suddenly finds herself mixed up in the search for the lost Rose, a priceless family heirloom!



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