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  • Written by Teresa Carpenter
  • Art by Kei Kusunoki
  • Grace knew everything would change when his memory returned.Grace had just retired as a sheriff and was looking forward to the next stage of her life. But on the night of her last day at work, a man suffering from amnesia was placed in her custody. Ever...
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  • [Sneak Peek] HIS HEIR, HER HONOR
  • Written by Catherine Mann
  • Art by Reiko Kishida
  • Her child’s paternity could secure its future, but that’s not why Laila chose Carlos for her lover!After his exile, Carlos of the San Renaldo royal family became a surgeon in the US. But his relationship with Laila, longtime friend and hospital lawyer, ...
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  • [Sneak Peek] THE CAGED TIGER
  • Written by Penny Jordan
  • Art by Sae Nanahoshi
  • How can they possibly reconcile after so much pain and so much time?When she learned he’d only pretended to love her, Davina ...
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  • [Sneak Peek] UNLIKELY LOVER
  • Written by Diana Palmer
  • Art by Kurumi Sumomo
  • Tricked by her aunt, Marianne is now trapped in Ward’s web of seduction.Marianne has always wanted to be a writer, so when he...
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