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  • [Sneak Peek] ONE NIGHT WITH GAEL
  • Written by Maya Blake
  • Art by Mio Takai
  • Even though it was just one night of passion, my heart longs for you...Goldie is attacked by robbers but saved by the CEO of ...
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  • [Sneak Peek] WITHOUT LOVE
  • Written by Jessica Steele
  • Art by Haruhi Sakura
  • Why is it that he’s everywhere I go, when he was the one to insult me and chase me away?Kassia has been summoned by Lyon, the...
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  • [Sneak Peek] RELATIVE VALUES
  • Written by Jessica Steele
  • Art by Nami Akimoto
  • He thinks she’s manipulating his father, but he can’t seem to resist her charms!From day one at her new job, Kelsa’s boss, th...
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  • Written by Miranda Lee
  • Art by JET
  • I don’t like my sexy lips or voluptuous chest. I’m sick of me.The biggest problem in Serina’s life is her appearance. She has...
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  • [Sneak Peek] LONE STAR PRINCE
  • Written by Cindy Gerard
  • Art by Yuko ichiju
  • If only princesses could love freely, Anna might have found true happiness…After failing to escape from an arranged marriage,...
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  • [Sneak Peek] MESSING WITH MAC
  • Written by Jill Shalvis
  • Art by Juri Nakao
  • Taylor wasn’t looking for love, but it found her anyway!Determined to succeed without her wealthy family’s help, Taylor decid...
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