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  • [Sneak Peek] CAPTIVE IN HIS BED
  • Written by Sandra Marton
  • Art by Masaki Sano, ...
  • Mia had always managed on her own, but everything changed when Matthew tracked her down. Matthew Knight runs a risk management company with his brothers. One day, a client asks him to find his fiancée, Mia. She appears to have vanished after getting inv...
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  • [Sneak Peek] IN PETRAKIS'S POWER
  • Written by Maggie Cox
  • Art by Mieko Tachibana
  • I was supposed to be his fake fiancée, but my love for him is all too real.Natalie went to London to save her father, whose company was about to be taken over for an outrageously low price. But she was shocked when she met her father’s wealthy client, w...
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  • [Sneak Peek] FOR DUTY'S SAKE
  • Written by Lucy Monroe
  • Art by Miyuki Misato
  • I don’t care if it’s a fleeting love. I’m willing to give up everything for you.Angele was shocked by the photographs sent to...
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  • Written by Penny Jordan
  • Art by Mio Natsuki
  • His kindness is just pretend. I can’t get away from this fate… After Rosy’s great-aunt’s death, she stays with her distant re...
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