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  • Written by Caitlin Crews
  • Art by Tomoko Takakura
  • He sees her only as his wife, not a person in her own right. On the night of her birthday, Liliana gave her virginity to Izar. She wanted her guardian, whom she had been in love with for ten years, to love her back for even a moment. But it was a huge m...
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  • [Sneak Peek] RENT-A-HUSBAND
  • Written by Annette Broadrick
  • Art by Yu Senke
  • When she hired a husband, she never expected the man who arrived to be her ex! "Rent a Husband." Paula, a career woman, jumped at the headline of the newspaper ad. This was exactly the lifesaver she needed! Two years have passed since she lied to her bo...
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  • [Sneak Peek] TRAPPED!
  • Written by Lori Foster
  • Art by Nanao Hidaka
  • He treats her like a sister. How can she make him see she’s a woman?Ethan woke up with a hangover and was shocked to see a wo...
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  • [Sneak Peek] IN TOO DEEP
  • Written by Lori Foster
  • Art by Yoshiko Hanatsu
  • Charlie’s always taken care of herself, but now she and Harry must learn to count on each other. Charlie trusts no one and c...
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  • [Sneak Peek] THE BABY GAMBIT
  • Written by Anne Mather
  • Art by Megumi Toda
  • Matteo’s debonair veneer rubs off the moment he tries to cheat on Grace’s best friend…with Grace! After collapsing due to ove...
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